Frequently Asked Questions


Can I order different coloured Kippah in the same purchase and will the discount still apply?

Yes. For example, if you wanted to order 20 Red and 20 Navy Suede kippah, the discount would be applied for 40 Suede kippots.

If you wanted to purchase 20 Red Suede and 20 Red Satin, the discount would not be applied.

Discount purchases only apply within the main category group.

Do Kippots include VAT?

No. Kippots are zero rated. Only Face Masks and postage include VAT.

Suede Kippot sizes : Do you do any other Suede Kippot sizes?

Measure the size by folding the Kippot in half and then straight across.

Our Standard size is 15.5cm

Our Extra large size is 18cm
Our large size is 17cm
Our Child size is 14.5cm
Our Baby size is 12cm

Kindly note, it is not always possible to inscribe and foil the Childrens and Baby size Kippot.

We want to put part of the inscription in Hebrew – is this possible?

Yes, no problem, put the details in the Special Instructions box.


Can you deliver outside the UK?

Yes. Please contact us first before ordering.

Is there free delivery?

Yes. But only to certain London postcodes.

How long will my order take to deliver?

Please see our Delivery Times section.