Special trims are available

Minimum: 20 pieces

Price for 20 per piece:   £6.35
Price for 30 per piece:   £5.95
Price for 40 per piece:   £5.55
Price for 50 per piece:   £5.15
Price for 60+ per piece:  £4.75


NOTE: Quantity discount is applied after ‘ADD TO BASKET’, 
and is visible in ‘YOUR ORDER’.
Please Note: Screen colors may vary slightly from the final product.


Suede Colour

Please choose your Suede base colour

Start your Internal inscription personalisation

[Free of charge option. THIS WILL USE UP 2 LINES OF TEXT

You are allowed a maximum of 5 lines of text. You can use upper and lowercase text for your chosen wording.
PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to use a kippot logo, this will use up 2 lines.

None You have chosen option 1 You have chosen option 2 You have chosen option 3 You have chosen option 4 You have chosen option 5 You have chosen option 6 You have chosen option 7 You have chosen option 8 You have chosen option 9 You have chosen option 10

Your text can be foiled in Silver or Gold. Please select your choice.

Standard trims match the colour of your chosen Kippah. If you wish to have an alternative colour scheme, please select an option below. This is an extra 50p.

Select if you wish to add clips

Express Production

Choose to have you order manufactured urgently.
Express production price is additional per kippah ordered.

Order Summary

Discounts are applied after adding your items the to basket and can be viewed in Your Order.